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A Happy Childhood

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Olivia. Olive. Liv. Livi. 23.
Femme queer feminist princess.
Apr 16 '14

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Apr 16 '14

Oh man the best feeling in the world is being suuuuper tired and finally getting all of your responsibilities out of the way so you can fall asleep.

Mmm book and bed time.

Apr 16 '14



Public Service Announcement from Megan Fox promoting Jennifer’s Body (2009)

Fuck yeah. Best PSA ever seen.

That… did not end the way I expected it to.

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Apr 16 '14

Been drawing and writing all afternoon. Now to shower and shave and put on pjs and sleep til I have to wake up very early tomorrow as always

Apr 16 '14
Apr 16 '14
Apr 16 '14

Shireen Baratheon is having none of your shit today (◡‿◡✿)

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Apr 16 '14


I wish I could say this at work.

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Apr 16 '14

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Apr 16 '14



Glass Organs Sigga Heimis/GlassLab

Images by The Corning Museum of Glass

Very cool- I need one!